Thank you to my four writing muses and ever-patient beta readers: Sara Glassman, Becky Milot-Bradford, Lisa Milot, and Lucretia McDine. Without you I would not have completed my journey.

Chuck Pensyl, thank you for lending your law enforcement expertise to chapters thirty and thirty-one.

Dorothy Blose and Eileen Gaffney, thank you for reading a very early draft and buoying my confidence with encouragement. Since that time, I’ve learned a lot about pacing and plot and character development.

Thank you to the many people who, even as the years passed, still asked how my book was progressing. I embraced that simple query as a tacit expectation that I would actually complete the project. Sally Ande, Mary Black, Charles Hoover, Kathy Keller, Donna Kulik, Virginia Mihalik, Pauline Rowan, Heather Toplak, and Christine Wargo immediately come to mind. My conversations with Deb Rentler about blogs and memoirs and genre writing helped to keep me focused as well.

Wayne, thank you for believing in me.


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